Winter Child

Now I know that to be a winter child you should technically be born in winter and I was born in May but in my defence I didn't have much say in the matter at the time since I was still two un-joined cells.

I hate summer. The heat, the stickiness, the bugs, and the horrible smells. God! I listen to people saying they love summer and I just snort. I mean seriously unless you're a mermaid how the hell can you love summer?

I want winter. I want to wear big sweaters and feel like I'm being hugged by my clothes. I want to listen to the rain while I'm writing a story with a cup of coffee to warm my hands. I want to wrap myself in a blanket and sit on the sofa reading a good book. I want to get into bed after a long day and cuddle in my many layers of blankets. I want to prepare for Christmas, see houses decorated in red, green and gold.

I want to be able to hug someone without getting stuck to them. I want to cuddle up to my pet without feeling like I'm being hugged by Cousin Itt from the Addams family.

Yes summer is fun when you finish school and you get to go the first time to the beach and swim but after that the rest is all too much.

I'm a winter child through and through!