Small tribute to fallen stars

It's funny how you can feel so sad for the death of someone you never met. Yes I'm talking about Cory Monteith. Yes I watch glee. That show contained some of my most favourite things, music, dancing and it's a tv series. Sure I don't always like the episodes and yes I've occasionally shown my annoyance with Finn as a character but I loved Cory acting, he was great and his voice was amazing.

And now he's gone. We'll never see him in another glee episode. I cannot look up the new movies he's going to take part in. And I can't cry because I feel stupid being sad for someone I never knew.

It's a weird feeling. It's the same feeling I had when Amy Winehouse died, and Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger. It's weirder still when you see their previous movies, shows or listen to their songs. You can no longer look forward to a new album or a new movie. You can only soak up on what they left behind.

And yes I'm sad that I will never get a chance to meet them. Because I am like any other person and that little girl inside of me hoped that one day I would get to meet them or at least have a quick glance at them across the road.

So yes this is a tribute to all the fallen stars and a thank you for their part in making the world a brighter place.

Go on diss me for being corny. Go on make fun of me and my love for glee. I don't really care. I'm sad today and I guess it's okay.


A little heart to heart

So yes I kind of lied last time. But in my defense I had 9 exams and 4 assignments so I was quite busy.

But enough of excuses. Summer is here finally. I'm back to working at tal-lira (poor me) after a 2 month break . The problem is that now it's not tal-lira anymore, it's tal-lira plus jumbo store! And to be honest it's weird. I've been working there for 2 years and today was my first day back, and it feels like I've started a whole new job! Prices are totally different, I have no idea were things are and my boss' son is always somewhere supervising. Gahh he's worse than the boss himself. He's young, like a year older than me but filled with so much air that if he were to touch a pointed surface he would burst. Those who know me, know that I hate this job with a passion, but at least before I knew how to do it. Now not only I'm back to the job I hate but I also have to re-learn everything, even how to cash thanks to the new electronic cash. Mehh. Oh well rant over.

So as you have noticed this isn't one of my usual posts. It's more of an update of my very interesting (note the sarcasm) life. I also wanted to let you guys and gals know that I'm going to start story writing again. I love blogging, I do, but story writing is something that's been in my blood since I was a little girl. Also I found this site, Wattpad, were people upload their stories and other people rate them. So I'm going to be posting it there. Bdw that site has some amazing stories. It also has some iffy stories and some just plain bad with horrible grammar but that's to be expected. The good stories though are amazing. It's quite addicting really.

I could post my upload link if you guys are interested. You don't need to sign up to read it. I haven't started writing yet though and I'm not sure when exactly I will. I have to plan it out first etc. But yeah I just wanted to let you know. Oh and although I'm not the most romantic stories and I don't really believe in everlasting love, the story will be a love story. I mean romance was meant to be written in my opinion. I really don't like romantic gestures live, but I love a good sappy book or movie. Then again, it doesn't mean I'm gonna write a sappy book/short story. But well I wanted to let you know, because you seem to like my writing and maybe wanted to see some more of it. Or not. That's ok.

Well I will try to blog more often again. Probably about my evil boss' son and my horrible work.